Hello! I'm Micah. I specialize in background painting and visual development. The main drive of my creation is the narrative, it informs the design and I love to make things feel whimsical while staying believable for the world. Using my skills in a collaborative and creative environment, with like-minded individuals is where I thrive. Coming from a circus and sports background, I have worked with a wide breadth of people and  know the importance of adaptability, communication, and teamwork. I graduated from the Laguna College of Art and Design in 2022 with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Entertainment Design.
Currently, I am working on various independent animated film projects such as The Moon and Me Short Film.
Past experience includes the Legend of Pipi and 4GET Music Video.
When I'm not drawing, I also take great interest in philosophy, swimming, and running Dungeons and Dragons games with my friends alongside my trusty cat Tigerlily.
I'm open for in-house in Southern California, or freelance!
Contact me for business inquires at: mjb.anco.art@gmail.com

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